Tuesday, October 27, 2009

La Pita Cafe

La Pita Cafe
388 East Main St.
El Cajon, CA

I was driving around looking for a place to eat in El Cajon the other day. I was actually looking for a BBQ eatery but saw this place first. It's classified as 'Middle Eastern' on yelp. I can always eat a gyro and my eating companion decided on the lamb dinner. We got our order to go.

Here is my gyro. I don't know if that wrap is considered a pita. It was thin, almost like a tortilla. and it was served with pickled veggies. I didn't try the pickles, it just seemed odd to me.

There iss the inside of the gyro 'sandwich'. It was actually really good. I enjoyed the flavor of the meat and there was just enough sauce without it being overwhelming and wet. I didn't get to try the lamb. :( My companion said it the lamb served with rice, a huge folded flat bread, and soup. He loved it.

I would definitely try La Pita again.