Saturday, October 24, 2009

99 Ranch Market

99 Ranch Market
7330 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
San Diego, CA

This was only my second trip to this 99 Ranch. The first time was back in 2007. This time I was wanting to pick up some snacks and take a look at their produce and meat dept. and buy some kewpie mayo. While inside the market, I completely forgot to take pictures. I was too focused on looking for things on my shopping list. It was nice getting there super early in the morning. The last time I came during the middle of the day and it was a disaster. I was driving a huge Chevy truck and trying to park it in that parking lot! This time I was driving a small car and it was 9am.
After paying for my groceries, I headed over to Sam Woo for some take out. I wanted to get some roast pork but there was a 30 min. wait. I liked their prices for the bbq. It was cheaper than Tom's Chinese BBQ. Maybe next time I will get to try their duck and pork and do a comparison.

At Sam Woo, we got some fried rice with chicken wings and some kind of kung pao dish that had chicken, shrimp, and pork. At 99 Ranch we got stir fried noodles with beef, some kind of dim sim that had a vegetarian filling, and egg tarts.
As we were leaving the market, I stopped in the sandwich shop across from the 99 Ranch check out stands. I don't recall the name of the shop. We ordered a special banh mi and a vanilla coffee boba drink. I started to take pictures but the gal behind the counter waved and said 'no pictures please'. I keep forgetting that businesses do not like you taking pictures inside their establishments. It was a recurring theme that weekend.

The sandwich shop had all kinds of goodies in their cooler section. And they serve hot foods as well. It was still early but they had egg rolls and some kind of fried meat empanadas.

We couldn't decide if we were going to go home and eat our food, go to the beach, or head out to Ramona. We ended up snacking on our drive up to Ramona and eating the rest of our food before going inside to check out the Oktoberfest.