Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pizzeria Luigi

Pizzeria Luigi
1137 25th Street
San Diego, CA
Every Saturday is 'pizza night' in my house. I haven't found a pizza place in San Diego that I 'love' yet. I love Giordano's in Chicago and Lucca Grill in Bloomington. Those two are complete opposites. Giordano's has the deep dish Chicago style crust where as Lucca's has the thin, cracker like crust. I haven't found a place in San Diego that compares to either. We've tried Lefty's. Something in the sauce was lacking. Oggi's was just 'okay'. New York Giant pizza was just 'bleh'. Da Boyz is so-so. I think Uno's is good. I really enjoy their buttery crust.
I will admit that I heard about Luigi's after watching an episode of Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. In it, the owner bragged about using bottled water in the pizza dough and that made all the difference. I had to test this out.
We called in our order and headed over to Luigi's. It was easy to get to from the 94. I think Luigi's is across the street from the Turf Supper Club (another place I want to try). Parking was ridiculous as is with everyother place in San Diego. We parked on the street and went inside. There was a long line. It's a small place with some outdoor seating. Most of the people there were getting single slices for take out or dine in. The pizza looked delicious. The toppings looked fresh and tasty, especially the Mona Lisa (it's like a supreme pizza). The wait was not long and we paid for our 2 pizzas and headed home.

I got the Donatello which is an 18" white pizza (no sauce) with 3 cheeses (ricotta, mozzerella, and romano). It was 'okay'. Nothing special. I may have liked it more if the crust had been more crispy and thin and if the ricotta had been spread out more rather than being in huge mounds on the pizza.

I didn't eat the pepperoni. I'm not a fan. I'll eat it if it's on a supreme pizza. But pepperoni alone doesn't interest me. Overall, I didn't care that much for the crust. I may have to try Bronx Pizza to do a comparison.