Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sabaidee Bpee Mai!!

Lao New Year 2551
At Market Creek Plaza
310 Euclid Avenue, San Diego, CA
April 5th 10:00am-5:00pm
April 6th 10:00am-5:00pm

I missed the opening ceremony this year. There was a speech from the Chairman and the American and Lao National Anthems were played followed by a parade, the Baci ceremony, and the releasing of doves. Here is a picture of young Lao children performing a song.
It was somewhat disorganized but very cute.
This young boy reminded me of my brother so much.

This was the end of their performance. Afterwards there was live music, a talent show, and then the Miss Lao New Year Pageant.
Here are the Miss Lao New Year San Diego 2008 finalists. What a wide range of beauties.

I think there were 9-10 food vending tents. They seem to be serving all the same things. I didn't get to try all of them. I meant to try the kanom krok but completely forgot to. I have been craving them. I might have to go back tomorrow. Everything was made fresh in front of you like the grilled meat skewers, grilled sausages, papaya salad, and eggrolls. And there were different kinds of drinks such as Thia Iced Tea and different desserts such as fried taro/bananas/yams. I was surprised that there wasn't som moo or purple rice desserts at any of the vendors.
There were many vendors selling prepared fried pork rinds (or was it ears?), jaew bong, beef jerky, and I think toasted rice powder.
I've never seen this before. I think it looks like deep fried anchovies?
I tried all kinds of foods at the festival but this is what I took home with me to snack on. I had a great time and met many nice people. There is a very nice Lao community in San Diego.