Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cali Baguette Express

Baguete Express
5125 El Cajon Blvd.

I have not been here in a couple of years (since they opened). I can't remember why I never returned. They are in the process of renovating right now. When you walk into Baguette Express, there's a dining area and as you approach the counter there are tables of yummy goodies and gift items like bamboo plants.

I didn't really see anything I wanted on the tables. But the counter...

Look at all the yummy goodness here.

I had to get the egg rolls, they were calling to me.

I ordered the dac biet as usual.

The bread is a baguette, unlike the sandwiches at my beloved Saigon.
The filling is the usual: pickles, cucumber, jalapeno slices, cilantro, cha lau, headcheese, pate,and roast pork. With homemade mayo. I have to point out the parts that I liked and not liked. I must rave about the bread. It was amazingly light and crunchy on the outside and the inside was moist and chewy. It had a buttery flavor I think. It was very good.
Now to what I didn't like: the pickles. I guess I'm used to the ones at Saigon. The pickles here were lacking in flavor for me. The cucumber tasted off for me.

The other sandwich we ordered was the bbq pork. Same bread and filling but instead of the deli meats, it has bbq pork which wasn't dry, but was very sweet. It didn't taste like bbq pork that I'm used to. It was an ok sandwich. Again, the bread was delicious!
Overall, I would return to Baguette Express. It was clean and the gal at the counter was extremely nice and efficient. I think if I get another sandwich, I would as for extra hot peppers. But I will for sure return and get their bread.