Thursday, January 14, 2010

This Lazy Gal's Pho

I think my mom would be disappointed to see that I have resorted to making my pho broth with things like this instead of slaving over the stove with roasting my aromatics and simmering beef bones. I decided to take a short cut this time since I was only making pho for two. I have been eyeing these pho seasoning cubes since moving to San Diego. I finally decided to try them. It wasn't bad at all.

Before I went to bed the night before, I prepped everything I was going to need for my pho: green onion, cilantro, Thai basil, lime wedges, meatballs, tendons, and sliced beef.

I used fresh rice noodles and garnished with bean sprouts and fried garlic.
I like a very clear broth and I don't add anything to my pho like hoisin sauce. If I add anything, it would be white pepper, sugar, lime juice, and fish sauce. And I always eat my pho with pickled peppers. Sometimes I will eat it with fresh chili peppers dipped in shrimp paste.