Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mitch's Seafood

Mitch's Seafood or Mitch's Hudson Bay Seafood
1403 Scott Street
San Diego, CA

I have been to Point Loma Seafood a couple of times, but never actually ate there. Their entire menu seemed to be either deep fried, filled with mayo, or raw. I had heard about Hudson's through friends. I never noticed it before. It's practically next to Point Loma Seafoods.

I did get lost at first but after driving by it twice, I found a parking spot on the street. My dining companion and I enjoyed a short walk to Hudson's. Before entering the restaurant, I decided to take some outside pictures. Everything was so bright and blue.

It looks like their building was going through a face lift. I think that's why I was unsure about the location. I wasn't seeing a restaurant sign (it was actually on the ground in the parking lot).

Inside the restaurant.

You order at the counter. The menu is above the counter and the daily catch is posted to the left on the wall. Today they were halibut, swordfish, and yellowtail.

We ordered the grilled halibut sandwich and the fried calamari platter.

We were told the sandwiches were huge and they were. We shared the grilled halibut sandwich. It was served on a nice torta roll with lettuce, tomato, cilantro, and mayo. It was served with a lemon slice and cole slaw. I enjoyed my sandwich. Both the sandwich and slaw were not overly mayonnaise(d). The slaw was a little bland though. I didn't eat much of the slaw. I'm not a fan of mayo. I liked my grilled salmon sandwich at El Pescador more. I think it was the red onions in the sandwich that made it extra tasty for me.

The calamari was served with fries, cole slaw and cocktail sauce and tartar sauce. I didn't try the tartar sauce, but I liked the cocktail sauce. It tasted like the same that is served at the Fish Market. The calamari was nicely fried. I enjoyed them. :)

I liked Hudson's. No lines, no crowds, available seating, clean and friendly. And the food was good.