Monday, January 18, 2010

Fond Memories

I was going through some picture CDs that I had put away sometime ago. Two years actually. I went to San Francisco 2 years ago. It was a wonderful trip. I don't think I blogged about my entire trip. We did so much, ate so much. Unfortunately part of our trip, the weather was like this picture (below). It didn't bother me at all that the weather was not so great. It was afterall October, almost November. We even skipped our bay cruise due to the cold weather. Below are some pictures of our excursion to Cliff House.

When I was planning our trip, I made a list of places I wanted/had to see while we were in San Francisco. I can't recall now why I 'had' to come here. We had to take a few buses to get here. We missed our bus and got lost in the woods trying to get here and returning to our hotel. It was quite an adventure and I love every moment of it. That is Cliff House in the distance. It was a bit of a walk. I wasn't sure if the bus would stop up there so I made us get off the bus and walk. I can be a bit impossible and ridiculous at times.

Cliff House is a restaurant perched on a cliff overlooking what used to be the Sutra Baths. The building houses 2 restaurants, the formal Sutro's (below) restaurant and the casual dining Bistro Restaurant.

It was lunch time so we ate at the Bistro Restaurant. I enjoyed the decor. On the walls were black and white photos of movie stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Somehow sitting there and looking out the window to the amazing view of the water, I felt transported to another era. It was so romantic and so magical.

And what did we eat? Hamburgers, of course. He wanted a big burger and fries. They served garlicky fries and they were delicious. It was the first time I had ever had fries like that. Our burgers were pretty great too. They were simple, nothing fancy but sure hit the spot. Very American.
After lunch, we walked around outside of the restaurant and took pictures of the water and of what used to be Sutro Baths. In 1896, Sutro Baths opened up as the World's Largest Indoor Pool establishment. It housed 1 fresh water pool and 6 salt water pools. The building burnt down in 1966.

This is what is left of the what used to be Sutra Baths. We didn't get a closer look. Maybe if it had been warmer and if the sun had been out.
Afterwards we continued with our adventure. We waited...and waited for a bus to take us back to downtown where our hotel was. I'll never forget our trip to San Francisco. It was wonderful. Maybe one day I will get to return.