Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fred Flinstone's Meal, If He were Lao

I had a craving for grilled beef ribs and tam mak hoong/papaya salad. I purchased the papaya preshredded at the Asian market. It's not how I normally like it, I prefer the papaya shavings to be thicker. I know these beef ribs don't have a whole lot of meat but I love the taste of grilled beef.

I don't have recipes for either.

For the papapya salad:
Julienned green papaya
2-3birdseye chili peppers
1 vine tomato, sliced
one garlic clove
juice from lime
fish sauce
shrimp paste

I add the sugar, garlic, and peppers to the mortar and crush/grind it. Then I add the tomato slices and papaya. It gets all mixed in the mortar with the garlic/pepper/sugar. Then I add the shrimp paste, fish sauce, and lime juice and mix it up more with the pestle and a spoon.

For the ribs:
Beef ribs, cut up
5 cloves of garlic, crushed
oyster sauce

It's a simple marinade. I mixed everything up and put it in 2 large zip lock bags and let them sit in the refrigerator overnight. The next day I grilled the ribs over hot coals. The picture does not show this, but I had a ton of ribs (2 racks of ribs I think). I had enough food to last 3 days. I served the papaya salad and ribs with pork rinds and steamed white rice. (I was out of sticky rice).