Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sab E Lee 2

Sab-e-lee 2
9157 Mission Gorge Road
Santee, CA
Daily 10:30am-9:30pm

I've been envious of fellow blogger (KirkK) over at mmm yoso!!! for all his posts about Sab-e-lee. I have yet to try it. Mostly since it's not in my area and I don't like driving much on the freeway. When I read about Sab-e-lee 2 opening up, I jumped at the chance to try since it was closer to where I live.

I believe this was the locatin of Thai Style Restaurant. I had only one experience with the food when it was Thai Style . I was disappointed that they didn't have sticky rice and their papaya salad was not what I had expected. I'm Lao and had never had the Thai style papaya salad.

So back to Sab-e-lee...this is what you see when you enter. I can't remember if the decor has changed since Thai Style. Looked the same to me. It was empty when we entered. I didn't expect any customers since it was 3pm.

This is the right side of the restaurant.

And this is the left side. Plenty of seating. We ordered our food to go.

We started off with the fresh rolls. They were filled with shrimp, glass noodles, lettuce, and bean sprouts. They were 'okay'. The dipping sauce was a bit too sweet for me. I guess I prefer the hoisin/peanut dipping sauce.

Here is the Thai Sausage. Nice presentation. I didn't eat the peanuts or the peppers. The sausage was slightly sour, the way my mom likes it. I've always preferred sweeter sausages.

Here is the portion of the sticky rice for carry out. Rather small.

This is the crying tiger. I will always eat grilled beef if it's not dry and served with some kind of jeow. This was filling.

I like pad thai, but am never at a Thai restaurant to order it. I like the combination of rice noodle, bean sprouts, and peanuts.

Overall, I thought the food was just 'okay'. My eating companion said the food was great. I guess I was expecting to have some kind of food epiphany, but I didn't. I'm not saying the food was bad by any means. I think maybe my expectations were too high.

I like the parking lot (lots of parking), good hours, large, clean restaurant, big menu with many dishes to try, and the folks there are super nice. Oh yes, they take credit cards!