Friday, November 27, 2009

Double Value Fine Burger

Double Value Fine Burger
6862 Mission Gorge Road

I noticed this place back during Halloween when I was shopping in Santee.

I thought the decor was very nice and it was clean.

Their menu consists of burgers, wraps, and smoothies. A very nice young man took our order. They were having a grand opening special where the fries came free with each burger. I ordered the Bacon Cheeseburger and my companion got the Cailfornia Burger and a Strawberry smoothie. Now is it a smoothie when it doesn't contain dairy product? His smoothie looked more like a 'chiller or slush'. He enjoyed it very much.

Here is my cheeseburger. The bun reminded me of a kaiser roll. It was crusty on the outside but soft and chewy inside. It stood well against the grease and sauces in my cheeseburger. On my burger was cheese, bacon, red onion, pickle, tomatoes, lettuce and sauce (I think it was ketchup and mayo). I think the lettuce they used wilted too quickly. Unfortunately they don't ask how you want your patty cooked. I prefer medium/med-rare for my beef. You can't see the patty in my picture but it's a nice size. It's not like fast food burgers.

I liked the fries. They were perfectly cooked and freshly made. I have a bad habit of eating my fries during the drive home. I don't like soggy fries and that's how they turn out by the time I get home. My companion had the California Burger which I did not take a picture of. He said it had avocado in it and something else I think. He loved it. He's asking already when were are going back there. I think I will try a wrap next time.