Thursday, July 2, 2009


I was introduced to Whataburger about 5 years ago. I liked that it is open 24/7 and their drink cups are stryofoam (to keep drinks nice and cold in that hot Texas weather). Driving around El Paso, I noticed as many Whataburgers as Sonics.
Basically, you order your food and pay at the counter. They give you drink cups and a number to take back to your table. When your food is ready, they bring it out to your table. And there is some kid that walks around with condiments on a tray. This was my first time eating inside a Whataburger. Usually we just go in the drive thru.
What can I say about the food? Simple. I got the #1 combo (whataburger, fries, and a drink). The burger comes with lettuce, tomatoe, chopped onions, and mustard. Looks like a small patty doesn't it?
I enjoyed the food. It isn't amazing but it beats McDonald's. Everytime I see a Whataburger sign, I am reminded of the cartoon King of the Hill. I love the show because I used to watch it with my father. And the show mentions Whataburger a few times. They also mention Chico's Tacos but I didn't get to go there during this trip.

I forgot to add that they serve a breakfast menu as well. My favorite item from it is the honey chicken biscuit. It's a biscuit with honey and a fried chicken tender in it.