Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bumsted's Tucson, AZ

500 N. 4th Ave.
Tucson, AZ
I went on a roadtrip to El Paso, TX last week. It was a short trip. On my way there I drove through Tucson. This was my first time stopping in Tuscon. I had looked up places to eat at in Tucson on Yelp. It was between Bumsted's and a place that made banh mi's. I decided that I would wait to go to Saigon Sandwiches when I returned to San Diego.
The interior of Bumsted's was not what I was expecting. When you walk in, there are booths and a long hallway. Off to the right is a big room painted in some kind of wine and purple. And chandeliers.
This is what you see when you fist walk in. That display case is filled with desserts. I think various cheesecakes, custards, and cakes.
As for the companion ordered the BLT with dorito chips. And I got the Mega-Byte which is a club sandwich with sweet potato fries. We were starving after our long drive so I almost forgot to take pictures before we started eating so forgive partially eaten sandwiches. The sandwiches were HUGE. Both of us could only eat half of our sandwiches. I didn't try the BLT but was told it was great. Notice they messed up our order and served my fries with my companion's sandwich.

As for my sandwich, it was big and filling. It had ham, turkey, roast beef, lettuce, tomatoe, red onions, and mayo on it. My only complaint was the bread. It tasted 'not freshly baked'. I've had better bread elsewhere. They served their sandwiches with pickle spears and ketchup with the fries. The fries were over cooked and just not very good. I was expecting fat sweet potato fries, but these were shoestring style.
For two sandwiches, one soda, and a water came to $23. Seemed kind of high for just sandwiches. I don't know if I would recommend Bumsted's. It was okay.